Welcome to the website of PRIMAVISTA GIANTS, a small kennel for Giant Schnauzers, where our emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

We selectively breed sound, healthy Giants with an emphasis on temperament.

Our Giants are as equally happy wowing the audience at a Dog Show as they are curled up on the sofa in the family home or being trained to track.

Having been involved in dogs and other breeds in the past, we were first introduced to Giants when we let Bella into our lives. 

In our time with Giants, CH. PrimaVista Sofia Loren (Chloe) became the first Giant in 13 years to achieve the Kennel Club Junior Warrant.

In 2010, CH. PrimaVIsta Mambo Italiano (Gino) went Best of Breed at CRUFTS.


Bella is the foundation of PRIMAVISTA and was Breed Top Brood Bitch 2008. Still highly active, she has earned her place of retirement.







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